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shell construction


Performance year: 2023

We sit between chairs and search for the loud, subtle sound that we want to convey. Now the spectrum has been broadened, a sound is expanding with a new line-up.
Current demos at www.Soundcloud.com/vonrohbau First press reviews:

"that's not only a tape or two tracks, not a brilliant demo - it's pure raw construction, that weird sound, it's so powerful, amazing art-fuck! I guess that KrautWave stuff from Sankt Pauli, Hamburg will change bad minds into great ideas"
Ruprecht Maloky - Los Angeles Times

Anyway: our contribution to the expansion of the wi-fi zone is necessary. Let's give ourselves back our own algorythm, because vinegar and expertise paired, are like us, the one bloodstream, it does not disappoint us as it is technically possible. We were so fed up celebrated. Please now, we have no brakes, so can drive through to the next stage!

NooZE: drums: - MAR TEEN : bass - Herr_Brandt : guitar - Shi Lobi : keys - JN : vocals

Photo: A. Wittkuhn