Listen to your Neighborhood!

48h Wilhelmsburg invites you to join in!

48h Wilhelmsburg is a musical neighborhood festival. It is organized every year on the second weekend in June by the Netzwerk Musik von den Elbinseln and the Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg with people from the neighbourhood. Bands that live, work or have a rehearsal room in Wilhelmsburg and Veddel play at 48h. Both amateurs and professionals play. All styles of music and ages are welcome. The concerts take place in Wilhelmsburg and Veddel in concert venues and places in the neighborhood.

48h aims to bring people together and support culture from the district. The festival celebrates the diversity of the Elbe islands through the universal language of music.

We call this musical community building!

The network wants to present the district as it is found during the rest of the year. This is why the artists only perform on existing stages, go into empty spaces, studios or convert everyday spaces such as balconies, bookshops, hairdressing salons and living rooms. The collaborative design process enables participation, presents the diverse music scenes and creates encounters between neighbors far beyond the festival.

A festival from the neighborhood for the neighborhood

Registration for bands and venues starts every year on December 1: Do you live, work or rehearse on the Elbe islands and would like to perform at 48h Wilhelmsburg? Then register online by January 15. Or register as a venue if you would like to offer your restaurant, store or garden for a concert.

If you would like to help shape 48h Wilhelmsburg or have any questions, please get in touch by email or call us on 0157 92 51 00 34.

We look forward to any support!