Rules of the game 2024

48h Wilhelmsburg always takes place for 48 hours over a weekend. Next time from June 07-09 from Friday 18:00 to Sunday 18:00

The venues are all located on Hamburg's Elbe islands:
Wilhelmsburg, Veddel, Neuhof, Kleiner Grasbrook, Steinwerder and Kattwyk.

The musicians, bands and DIY enthusiasts involved have a clear connection to the Elbe islands: they live, work or rehearse here.

We see ourselves as a local, sustainable festival that emerges from and is shaped by the neighborhood. In this way, we want to work together with all interested residents to bring about self-determined, cultural district development.

Through music, which functions as a universal world language without language barriers, we want to promote (inter)cultural exchange between the musicians, residents and interested visitors to the district.

We want to be an artistic platform for as many musicians as possible with different cultural backgrounds who live on the Elbe islands.

We want to encourage and promote the professionalization of musical creation on the Elbe islands.

Program items from previous years will not be repeated unchanged.

We present the Elbe islands as cultural locations.

We invite you on a musical journey of discovery through the district and would like to break down prejudices and invite new encounters.

We want to present the district as we find it during the rest of the year: I.e. we perform on existing stages, go into empty rooms, studios or convert everyday spaces, such as balconies, bookshops, hairdressing salons, living rooms etc.


48h Wilhelmsburg is organized with the help of the neighbourhood (i.e. initiatives, institutions and individual actors from the district).

The threads of 48h Wilhelmsburg come together at Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg. The Wilhelmsburg Community Center Foundation with the "Music from the Elbe Islands" network is the sponsor and initiator of the project.

A committee of representatives from the district (the program committee) selects the bands, solo artists, ensembles and host venues for the program and provides ideas and recommendations to the program coordinators. The criteria are the guidelines of 48h Wilhelmsburg and the goal of organizing a program that reflects the district.

The 48h Wilhelmsburg organization decides - depending on the available time and financial resources - on the number of possible venues and program items. All program points are coordinated with each other.

No artificial gastronomy (beer stalls, food stands, etc.) will be set up: 48h Wilhelmsburg strengthens the local economies, which can also serve as a stage themselves, and only sells drinks in places where it is necessary in terms of infrastructure. Otherwise, guests are invited to buy food and drink locally from the existing structures.

Exclusion criteria

The 48h organization reserves the right to exclude events with a clearly commercial offer, with decidedly party-political, racist and right-wing extremist, homophobic or religious-missionary content.


The organizers shall provide basic financing for volunteer allowances for the artists, event technology, press and public relations, relevant infrastructure, GEMA, insurance, permits, etc. as agreed and financially possible.

The musicians involved receive an honorary allowance from Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg in accordance with §3 No. 26a EStG. This is paid out as a lump sum. There is a minimum honorary allowance of €80 for solo musicians. From a duo there is 60,-€ per person. For groups/bands of 5 or more people, the limit for the honorary allowance is €300; this maximum limit also applies to choirs and larger bands.

The volunteer allowance can be donated back to the project.

The artists also play on hats.

The events do not cost admission because we want everyone (regardless of their income) to have access to our concerts. Those who can, buy a supporter's wristband for €5.

The host locations contribute to the costs incurred, depending on the size, type and existing infrastructure (event technology, etc.) of the host with a cooperation contribution.

48h Wilhelmsburg can only be financed if we all co-finance it together - the public sector, the public and the host locations. To make it a success, we provide extensive program planning as well as the necessary technology and personnel on site in individual cases. The extensive marketing helps to attract guests to the stores and associations who may not be part of the previous target group during the rest of the year - but who may become regular visitors or support the association after 48h Wilhelmsburg.

Each event costs many times more than the cooperation fee corresponding to the size of the event space. We would like to see the cooperation fee not as a cost factor, but as an investment in our district and thus in our neighborhood.

Sponsorship and fundraising is obtained centrally or agreed in advance.

Publication on

As an artist or guest performer, you agree that all program-relevant, specified data (e.g. band/local name, line-up of the band, uploaded images and logo, links to social media channels and music platforms such as YouTube or Soundcloud etc.) may appear and be distributed in the print and online program. Personal and private data as well as uploaded music for the program committee will not be published.

Approval of locations

The following also applies to host venues: For some of the venues (especially in private and commercial spaces) at 48h Wilhelmsburg, we have to go through an approval process with the building inspection department of the Hamburg Mitte district office. The so-called "changes of use" must be submitted in an application process in accordance with §61 or §62 of the Hamburg Building Code. The examination is exclusively to ensure the safety of the visitors and participants of 48h Wilhelmsburg. The authority checks the spatial capacities, the entry and exit situation, escape routes, etc.

If you are not the owner of the place you wish to register, we must receive confirmation from the landlord that we may pass on this data.
Information such as floor plan, cross-section of emergency exits, room height, etc. may be required after registration.

The locations undertake to comply with the requirements of the public order office.

The following applies to restaurants:

We need an insight into your license. We need to know how many people your store is licensed for, what the opening hours are and whether there are any conditions that are important for our planning.