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Sabine May Band Experience

Spirit, mantra, sing-along concert, baktiyoga, world, jazz

Performance year: 2023

For 48h Wilhelmsburg, 3 inspiring musicians have come together to take you on a special journey.

Sabine May, singer/songwriter & coach from Hamburg, knows how to touch, awaken and transform emotions with her warm voice. She is known to many as the former singer of the mantra band Soulgate.

Manfred Huber, pianist/guitarist from Stuttgart, inspires with his harmonious playing and Willi Schlage, percussionist from Lüneburg, weaves beautiful carpets of sound with sensitive sounds.

Immerse yourself in the moving compositions of Sabine May, in mantras, healing music and improvisation.
Let your thoughts come to rest.

The band creates a non-judgmental space in which you can let go and recharge your batteries.
Boundaries dissolve when everyone sings together and entrusts themselves to the music and inner silence.
The body is invited to relax and be present.

They use the special atmosphere of Emmaus Church to create a holistic sensory experience with sound, scent and candlelight.

Come along and be inspired by their sounds.
Singing experience is wonderful and not necessary 🙂

Photo: Charly Kuball